MFTU – Mainstream For The Underground


MFTU is a short word for ” Mainstream For The Underground”, the media misuse the execution of the Big Book (Blockchain), to control the economy of double token for the radio and the craftsmen.

This task plans to secure the advancement of music later on, because of the widespread theft and furthermore different multiplying of lawfulness, making progressively the destiny of the general population who work in the field of music. This venture gives a perpetual determination against breaks that debilitate for the future before the music business.

The Double Token ecosystem is named the CyberFM “CYFM” token and is named the “MFTU” token for “Standard For The Underground.”

CYFM tokens speak to cryptographic cash frames that are as per rules for Artists presently enrolled with neighborhood agents.


MFTU Tokens are comparable, however, speak to a really advanced, reasonable, lawful, and cryptographic Performance Rights Organization for Independent Artists. Ensure their rights and installments all through the world!

Both utility tokens are ERC20 resources recorded on the ETH blockchain that is utilized to make this general installment system that enables eminences to be gathered for all shows, consistently, the nation over! MFTU and CYFM tokens will likewise be utilized at first to finish fiat installments for online radio enrollment, credit for in-application buys and enlistment expenses.

simply make your music, make your story, at that point transfer, basic as that. You didn’t need to pay to end up apart, you didn’t need to fear information utilization, with your portable you can transfer with lesser information, boundless spilling with no skipping of the channel and high caliber of sound and lucidity of the video is ensure… Is at no cost! Visit the site for more data.

They have two tokens on the ethereum blockchain, in particular, CYFM and MFTU the two tokens are sponsorships for the helpfulness of CyberFm and MFTU, they have progressing bounties where you can win a portion of this tokens, visit their site for more points of interest and furthermore their disagreement channel.


Available on the Google Play Store and of course the Apple App Store.





Digital FM has a setup record of conveying autonomous music to audience members and advancing specialists through client outreach. Its new arrangement with Mainstream for the Underground is energizing since it gives a method for ensuring craftsman’s rights and installments over the globe while they keep up current copyright enlistments locally. At the same, it gives a route for craftsmen who are not authoritatively enlisted the opportunity to have their music communicate on CYBER-FM and be paid eminences through MFTU tokens. #indie #indieartist #indiemusic #MFTU#undergroundartist #DoYouMFTU


#indie #indieartist #indiemusic #MFTU #undergroundartist #DoYouMFTU

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